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Relaxed ride on Comfort Bikes

All our comfort bikes are designed to create a smooth and relaxing experience through Sonoma's wine country.  From a wide variety of sizes to front handlebar bags to additional panniers (saddlebags) and more - our goal is to make your experience as hassle free as possible. All rentals come with helmets, locks and a map.  We will also give you some suggestions of which wineries are best to visit with all abilities.  Most of Sonoma is flat with wonderful country roads and plenty to see and visit. 

Looking to elevate the experience - check out our ROAD BIKES, our TANDEM BIKES, or our PEDAL ASSIST BIKES.  We also have plenty of KIDS EQUIPMENT available for families. 

Bike Type: Giant, Sedona & Cypress

Additions: Front Handlebar Bag, Seat-post shock, Comfort Seats, 

Planning ahead...

    Our shop opens at 9am, and although most wineries don't open until between 10am and 11am, it's best to plan the route in advance and know your times.  Google maps is good for this as it will give you biking times. 

    The first, and best thing I can say is LESS IS MORE in wine country.  We suggest no more than 3 wineries over the course of 5 to 6 hours.  Keep in mind you must still obey the rules of the road and be able to manage the bike safely.  There are consequences to riding a bike intoxicated that are worth avoiding.

    Second, each wine tasting will take between 45-90 minutes... the best experiences are usually the ones worth making reservations for and planning in advance.  In many cases, it's worth spending the extra $10/15 per person for the more elevated tasting as you will get more personal attention. 

    Lastly, we do offer bikes tours with local guides, lunch and behind the scenes access and more.  This can remove the hassle and uncertainty of planning and make your biking experience worry free.

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